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Terms of Service

Use of Services
Submitting information to us via the forms on our website(s) indicates that you are seeking a service and would like to be contacted by us or one of our partner service professionals regarding that service. By filling out our forms, you acknowledge that you are not using our site or company to solicit service professionals for marketing or advertising purposes or any other use not listed in these Terms of Services. You acknowledge that you are not submitting information nor using our site(s) for spamming, content scraping, marketing, fraud, hacking, nor for any reason other than obtaining services through us or our partners. We reserve the right to take legal action, including seeking financial damages in the form of legal costs and lost revenue, for any misuse.

Information Handling and Telephone Consumer Protection Act Consent
In order to request one or more services, you must provide personal information, including your name, email contact information, telephone and/or fax number, mailing and/or physical address, and your desired services. Some, if not all, of the information you provide to us will be sent to service professionals so that they can respond to your request. By providing us with this information, you acknowledge that you are providing us and/or our network of service professionals with your consent to contact you utilizing the information that you provide. This includes contact via phone, text, fax, email, or other means, at any of the contact numbers or addresses provided, even if you have previously or are currently listed on one or more ‘Do Not Call Lists.’ Contact may include solicitations and/or notifications regarding your service requests, scheduling, marketing, and follow ups for other purposes we deem reasonably connected to your service request. This contact, authorized by you, also allows us and our partners, up to four (4) service professionals, to send you automated calls confirming service requests and other types of prerecorded autodial messages. Our privacy page outlines and provides additional information concerning how we use the information you submit to us.

By completing and transmitting a form submission or contacting us, you confirm that you are creating a business relationship with us, which includes agreeing to be contacted by us and/or our partners. You agree and concede that the number, email address, and/or physical address you submit is factual. You agree that you will not submit another person’s or company’s information nor make up any type of contact information. Submitting anything other than your true information is considered fraud and could lead to damages and privacy rights violations to our company, our partner companies, and other consumers. We maintain the right to seek damages, which could include, but are not limited to, loss of revenue, legal and court fees, loss of time and effort, penalties, and other financial losses. If you input false information into our forms you thereby agree to be held liable to us and each of our service partners for a minimum amount of $10,000. This fine is in addition to any legal costs and other damages, including indirect, direct, retributive and consequential damages, separate fines, and any other penalties associated with and arising from the intentional fraudulent activity.

SMS Messaging
Submission of our form by you indicates that you agree to allow service professionals to send you SMS messages to the phone number(s) provided, including for marketing purposes. You may choose to opt out of these SMS messages at any time by texting STOP in response from the mobile device that was signed up to receive the messages.

Website Articles and Content
The articles and posts on our site may offer advice. By reading this content, you agree and acknowledge that any suggestions made do not substitute the knowledge and advice from a service professional. We and our partners are in no way responsible for any decision made based on this content, including those that lead to physical or financial damages.  

Disputes With Partner Service Professionals

We do not guarantee the work of any service professional. Disagreements between you and a service professional who contacts you as a result of you filling out one of our forms do not involve us. We have no obligation to you in regards to the quality of work performed, any damages caused to you or your property, nor your business relationship with the service professional.

You agree to indemnify and hold us, including our personnel, executives, representatives, and owners, as well as our partners, harmless from any and all claims, including legal expenses generated by any third party because of or arising from the use of any of our services or partner service providers. You will hold us harmless and indemnify us against any disputes between you and any of our partner service professionals or contractors. You are singularly responsible for any consequences arising from your violation of any of these terms and conditions, including any claims that result from your violations of any rights of any third party.

Arbitration and Governing Law
All disputes must be resolved through the American Arbitration Association or in small claims court in a competent jurisdiction. You agree not to seek out or put together any type of class action or arbitration, representative actions, or proceedings against us.

Call Recording
By submitting information to us, you acknowledge that we and our partners may monitor and/or record any communication, including telephone conversations.

Service Professional Quality and Pre-Screening

We do not and will not guarantee the experience and/or quality of the work performed by the service professionals who contact you as the result of you utilizing our site and/or forms. Screenings are conducted by our partners as they see fit, not by us. Although most of these individuals and companies are licensed and certified in their respective trades, there is a chance that certain professionals may lack business licenses and filings, have criminal backgrounds, be listed on sex offender registries, and/or have civil judgements against them. In many cases, even if a provider is pre-screened, that information may not be updated during the course of our partner’s relationship with the service provider. In addition, not all service providers are screened in the same manner. This can be especially true in regards to dealers, franchises, independent contractors, and the individual employees of a company providing a service.

General Provisions
You agree and acknowledge that our services are provided to you on an “as-is” basis with no warranties or guarantees, and your sole remedy for any discontent is to discontinue using our services. We renounce any implied warranties or guarantees of any kind except for those expressly made in these Terms of Service. You understand that we are not responsible for any damages, including but not limited to lost revenues and/or punitive damages, even if we have been counselled by you or another party of the possibility of any damages to you or your property.

If any of the provisions of the Terms of Service listed and noted in this agreement are found to be unlawful or void by a court of competent jurisdiction, then that provision will be modified to make it enforceable while maintaining the intent of the provision. When or if this is not possible, we will remove that provision from these Terms of Service. All remaining provisions will be and remain enforceable and valid. One or more stricken or removed provision(s) does not nullify any or all of these Terms of Service in any way.

Any claim or call to action against us, regardless of any existing law or statute, must be filed within one (1) year from the date of the issue. If this 1-year timeframe is not followed, you agree that you are barred from filing any claim or call to action at any point in the future. The titles used and included in our Terms of Service have no legal meaning or effect; they have been included solely for your convenience.